Diving into Summer-The Seasons Move…

February, March, April…now May. Time in Tucson to prepare for the heat and strong sun.  ISA has hosted a series of shamanic journey circles in various parks around central Tucson, including Fort Lowell, Himmel, Limberlost and Reid parks.  Each was lovely and brought much wisdom.  We journeyed with Hawk, Water, Ground Squirrel and Tree Shade.  We also journeyed with children’s play gun fights, angry neighbor and low flying fighter jets. 

Our outdoor series was a great teacher about being in the world, and still being able to be centered in our practice.   We had fun too!  We walked an April Fool’s Day Labyrinth, ate chocolate and honored Rabbit energy on Easter Sunday, and honor our child selves by wearing pink on an unusually cool Sunday morning.
So, we are now  in our beloved Grotto again for Sunday Circles. Cool and dark, just how we like it in the heat of the desert.  There are many events coming up in fabulous places too (not in the Grotto!).  May’s Full Moon Labyrinth walk is hosted by Shannon at the Unity Labyrinth on Saturday, May 5.  Mother’s Day Red Tent Temple and May’s Sensorium for Kids session are hosted by Elisabeth and held at the Harmony Hut, a fabulous space near Uof A, and June 1 is Sabino Canyon Drumming fun.   There is always something interesting happening.  Always different, yet always familiar. Join us!

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