Shamanic Journeys in Tucson parks this Spring!

In Tucson, Arizona, the home of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts, February is the month when winter fades and spring arrives. Flowers begin to bloom. Temps begin to rise. Nights are perfect. It is time to be outside! After our two weeks of connecting with Star People energies in early February, we have recently opened the door to hosting circles and events in urban parks for we of the Urban Shamana.

Shamanic Journey Circles in Fort Lowell Park, locations near running water..hawks and hummingbirds…inspired meaningful and helpful journeys for all who have attended so far.  Our series of outdoor journey circles on Sundays continues until it is too hot during the day. Then, maybe evening/night circles… we shall see.
Until then, enjoy our loving sun while we go within!  Join us! Our meetup calendar will tell you when and where


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