Drumming the Elements…

Last night, 5 spirit travelers joined together to create rhythm for the four elements.   The five called on Romanian, Irish, Punjabi, Native American and African ancestors to help them.  Two humans had drumming experience.  Three had never drummed before. They intuitively connected with Earth, then Air, Fire, and finally Water, and below are some quotes shared by travelers after they completed the circle of rhythm for the elements.

“I felt the elements.  I really felt Fire, our beats blended into flames!”
“I kept hearing voices, like there was someone else in circle speaking old prayers.”
“I let go, and then I peaked into myself…and then I got into it again.”
“The drum was picking up on each of the elements, and we asked our ancestors to guide us.”
“Water was a calm ocean, and then it was a hurricane!”
“During each element session I heard the following… Earth-Ground it.  Air-Blow it away. Fire- Burn it off. Water- Wash it away.”
“I felt a buzzing in my body that peaked between Air and Fire.”
“I had a sensational experience.  I had a man in back of me and a woman in front of me.  I trusted them to help me.”

Drumming and rhythm making belongs to all people of all lands.  All are welcome to ISA’s drumming circles offered approximately once a month.  The best way to expand one’s drumming ability is to Practice, Practice, Practice :)  Join ISA in this practice.

Below are some articles regarding various drum cultures (specifically of those present in this drumming circle)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shamanism:_Archaic_Techniques_of_Ecstasy  (Classic book written by Romanian historian of religion Mircea Eliade)


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