Receiving and Feeling Love

ImageA little over a week ago, a friend of ISA ended up in the hospital. Suddenly a wave of concern, worry, sadness and confusion washed over this community.  During this last week, many people, in person and far away, prayed for our friend’s revival.  We worried together, talked together, and as we watched our friend come back from the brink of death, many of us felt old emotional wounds triggered once again.  Unfortunately, many have had loved ones die and have yet to come to terms with the experience.  Also, people began to reveal that they too have had experiences with the desire to inflict self-harm in the past, or have had loved ones do the same.

This last Sunday, we held our Sunday Shamanic Journey Circle, and the intention was to help those who participated tend old wounds that have yet to be healed.  Often, old soul injuries can lie dormant until a new trauma triggers it. In preparation of circle, I wrote the following ideas on pieces of paper for participants to pick.  These words are subjects that I have noticed waving through our community in the last week.  I asked us all (you too dear reader) to pick one to journey about, to see what wisdom may come from our inner guidance. We are all archetypes for each other’s healing.

“Soul Purpose”, “Family Dissonance”,  “Trauma Trigger”,”Death”, “Letting Go of Outcome”,”Fear”, and “Accepting Change” were words picked by journeyers.

After two journeys, each person felt better, felt more connected and heard.  A sense of community and shared experience had helped, just as much as our very personal messages received with the drum beat. People for thousands of years have experienced pain.  Loving people and being human often brings pain that takes a very special salve to soothe…this salve is community spirit = LOVE.

If you have experienced a trauma that needs tending, consider listening to a drumbeat.  Turn your attention inward and ask for an inner guide to help you tend your soul wound.  Ask for help from your inner teachers.  Also, ask for help from people around you who care.  If it gets so bad that you want to hurt yourself, please seek out a mental health professional.  There is no shame in doing so.  Soul wounds are huge challenges that are almost impossible to tend alone.


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