ISA’s 2012 Healing Practitioner Training begins January 8!

 Everyone is looking to improve their health.  “Health” includes physical, mental, spiritual, humor, emotional and psychic balance. In these times we need access to as many skilled Healing Practitioners as possible. Those who are “Hallow Bones” for Spirit.  Those who use their natural gifts to help themselves and others do their own sacred ‘healing’.  To this end,  it is time once again for ISA’s Practitioner Training. 

This is a call to the “Remembering Ones”, those who feel called to be a healing practitioner who uses the shamanic arts to assist others. This is a call to those who feel “it” deep within them, and who know that somehow they have “been a ‘healer’ before”.  The process of Remembering your sacred role and honing your gifts/abilites is an incredibly personal and intimate process.  Quynn Red Mountain is a ‘Remembering One’.  She has remembered her role and adapted it for her community of NOW.  She formed the Institute for the Shamanic Arts in 1999 and began offering Practitioner Trainings in 2004.  To see photos from past trainings, click here.

ISA’s particular style of Shamanizing is called “Full Circle Shamanizing”.*(see below for definition)

This 5 part series is designed for those who feel called to be a healing practitioner, yet have not yet worked with others openly (still hiding/holding back intuitive abilities), and those who have some experience using their intuitive gifts while working with others, and are ready for more opportunities to hone their abilities (or to try out some new ones) and to incorporate the shamanic tools that speak to them. This experience is open to those who are drawn to practicing the shamananic arts, as well as other kinds of healing modalities (energy work, divination, empath, coach, body work etc).  This series of five meetings will assist each participant in honing their abilities while working with others.  Becoming a Healing Practitioner is about Practice, Practice, Practice, so each meeting will offer an opportunity to give and receive individual and group consultations and healing experiences.  Quynn will offer guidance from her 14+ years of experience working with others in individual sessions, group workshops and intuitive readings.  She is offering this circle because our culture needs more confident and experienced healing practitioners.

You will not learn shamanic practices from any cultural lineage or tradition.  Each participant begins with their innate abilites and interest areas/areas of training.  From this center, each person connects with their healer/shamanic ancestors (every seeker has at least one such ancestor) for individual guidance and continued training and personal healing.

In each session the following will be explored, and custom fitted for each participant.


*How to trust the guidance you receive for/about others

*How to decipher what comes to you in a session

*How to read your own reactions to people with whom you are working

*The art of holding space

*How to feel confident in your own guidance while sitting with someone you do not know.

In this series you Will:

*Magnetize your abilities

*Utilize your various healing gifts

*Work with like-minded “clients”

*Co-Create the role of “healing practitioner” to suit your personality and culture

*Plant seeds for future spiritual growth

*Receive guidance about how to “put yourself out there”

Through your training you will more clearly Understand:

*What your Guides and Ancestral Teachers want from you

*How to live in the world with your abilities “open”, while being protected

*How to carve out a niche for your services, and how to let people know what you do and what you have to offer

In each session:

*Participate in an opening and closing circle to set and review intention and progress

*Assist in leading the ISA shamanic journey circle

*Explore your inner world and ask your dream teachers for assistance, using the shamanic journey and trance

*Receive opportunities to practice using your abilities in a supportive environment

*”Full Circle Shamanizing” is a term Quynn uses to describe those of us who are the first in our ancestral line to come back to shamanic/healing practice, after generations of forgetfulness.  That which we call shamanism is actually a set of human tools, available to everyone, that helps to guide us in a living world.  Included are the shamanic journey, trance, divination, dreams, intuition and dialog with “Nature”.  There are many varieties and faces of these practices, yet similar threads run through all cultures of The People.  Instead of the teachings being handed down to us by our living elders, we are taught by the guides and ancestors through our dreaming mind.

ISA’s Practitioner Trainings have helped many well respected Practitioners hone their craft so far, we look forward to helping you hone yours.   This series was created by Quynn Elizabeth Red Mountain.

Cost: $40-$80 sliding scale (depending on your income) for each day-long session (5 sessions*).  Creative payment options are possible. If you need some monetary creativity options, contact Quynn.

While many offerings by ISA are by spirit guided donation, this series is designed for those who want to incorporate this training into their professional skill set, so that at some point they will receive donations/money and compensation related to what they learn here.  Proceeds support Earth Web Media, an Animist Religious Non-Profit (parent to ISA), and all of its programs offered in this community.

*This series consists of 5 Sunday sessions, one a month, for 5 months. (Dates are:  Jan 8, Feb 5, Mar 4, April 1, May 6).  If you sign up, you must attend the first session.

Time:  9:30am-4pm

To register for this series, email Quynn at .  Space is limited.

From a previous participant “Thank you for creating the space for me/us to PRACTICE….. I know that I wouldn’t be practicing on people without your encouragement and you having this class.”   Julianne  MPH, CCT, CYT

Your guide is Quynn Elizabeth Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner and founder of the Institute of the Shamanic Arts.  Quynn was called to the shamanic path in 1996 and has worked with many people in individual and group settings.  To find out more about Quynn and ISA, go to

“Quynn, as always, conjures an outstanding circle. The energy channeled through her drumming touches people, myself included, and provides safety that is heard and felt in all the connected worlds.”  Stephen in Tucson

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