Winter Solstice 2011 – Be Light!

Winter Solstice 2011 in Tucson, AZ.  Join us at 19 E Toole Ave, just west of Solar Culture Gallery.  6:30 pm.

As the year 2012 approaches, luminous energetic vibrations from higher realms and multidimensional beings are streaming toward Earth. 

Now is the time to activate our Merkaba* Light Body in a safe and joyful environment with kindred spirits. 

*Merkaba is an Egyptian and Hebrew word that means the spinning field of light energy that exists around every living being.

Activation of your Light Body will lead to transformations and enlightenment. It also results in a deeper connection with our higher selves. 

On Winter Solstice, we celebrate the return of the sun- Earth’s ultimate source of light.


We will use percussion, rhythm and vibration to BE LIGHT, raise our Merkaba, bring forth light, and infuse loving light into our world for the highest good of all. 

For this celebration, please bring:

-a light source like a flashlight, led light, etc. (NO candles, or fire please)

-an item to place on the altar (this could be a picture of someone/thing you would like to send light to, totem, representative of light, etc.)

-percussive rhythm maker, if you have one (we will have some to share)

You are also encouraged to dress as you would like to depict light (costumes, masks, regalia, etc.) .  We will be indoors, yet please dress warmly in layers for a chilly night!

This celebration is offered by spirit guided donation (ask within for an appropriate amount).

Please join us for this special event as we all prepare for the unfolding of the 2012 energy. 

For more information contact Quynn.

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