Spirit Bridge 2-Oracle Practitioner Online Training

This 12 Month Online Expansion Series is for anyone who already has spirit world journeying, distance energy work and/or oracle training (with Quynn or someone else),  and seeks to deepen their unique intuitive skills with collaborative practice. Broad Sliding scale available.

Minimum price: $30.00 every month for 12 months

This intermediate/advanced training is open to practitioners who have received basic (or more) Intuitive* training who are ready to deepen their skills for use as a Spirit Bridge Practitioner! (*those with skills in “shamanic” journeying, channeling, divination, distance energy work and oracle messages+) See Spirit Bridge Practitioner Training for “basic” training info

The upcoming training is intended to begin on Saturday, May 13, 2022, from 10am-12pm MST on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays for 12 months. 
(Reach out if you are interested, but a weekend time will not work for you)

The opportunity to journey for others as a collective effort with talented, connected Spirit Bridges was awesome, and then to compare notes was so helpful. Also, the feedback from clients was a confidence builder. The training was a profound and wonderful experience.

Graduates of Spirit Bridge Training Year 1, or equivalent past training*,  are invited to join Quynn Red Mountain for this Deep Dive Online Series…

  • Practice your intuitive skills so you can use them in/as your vocation.
  • Explore and Deepen your sense of “Intuition” in your unique ways, and receive contained practice opportunities to practice tuning in for others, without the pressure of having to be “right” or “psychic”.
  • See how your “tune in” joins with others, creating a meaningful mosaic of channeled wisdom for someone in need.
  • Feel the strength of the messages and energy work in an online space that connects participants from a variety of locations.
  • Each month explore one of the subjects listed below regarding your own life.
  • Tune in for self and curated submitted questions as a group, to strengthen your unique intuitive, psychic, energy work and space holding abilities while not having to feel the pressure of offering this intuitive service alone.
  • The rhythms of intentional drumming, rattling and trance-ing to the rhythms of Nature thins the veil between the worlds so you can see, hear, know and listen for what is needed for your clients.
  • Call upon your personal and ancestral Spirit Teachers so they can teach you how to confidently trust and share your gifts with your community in your own unique way.
  • Learn to share your intuitive insights and energy work with clients regarding consistent healing areas, such as past lives, ancestral healing, inner children, addiction, regret, shame, “terrible things”, sickness, fear, anger, grief and physical pains.
  • Enhance your trust in the way intuitive/psychic/inner knowings come to you.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice your Sacred Ways in the circle of others doing the same.
From a recipient of SB2 messages:  Wow! I am stunned with the accuracy of all messages. Each person had a unique style. Each one brought specific wisdom that was welcomed into my spirit. What’s most interesting is the power of 4 responses at once created a multidimensional look at my specific question and my life as a whole.
While listening, more than once I gasped, laughed or cried. It was a deeply profound and validating experience. It was like being carried in the gentle humble hands of my neighbors in spirit.

In relationship with our Intuition, Well Ancestors and Helping Allies, the following subjects will be approached during one live meeting a month.
During the second meeting each month, practitioners collectively “tune in” with journeying, distant energy work, listening, visioning, divination and trace on behalf of volunteer clients from the community. Each month we work with one of the following subject areas:

Connecting, Clearing, Protecting, Releasing, Balancing, Retrieving, Removing, Negotiating, Transmuting, Empowering, Restoring



This training is offered as a focused and supported deeper dive into the Wilderness of the Mind and the Ocean of the Soul. We work with core elements of transmuting trauma, both personal and inherited, to practice receiving, translating and sharing needed messages and actions for healing and activation.

  • Being a Spirit Bridge Practitioner is a calling, a gift, and a responsibility, passed on from your ancestors and shared with members of your community.
  • Every session, you will have opportunities to practice your ways of connecting through spirit world journeying, divination, drumming and rattling, silence, your “Clairs”, meditation, trance, channeled writing, and sharing with other participants and community members.
  • Each month you will have the opportunity to practice enhancing your skills for community members who send in heartfelt requests by email or voice. The group journeys and tunes in to submitted requests and verbally share what came forth while together in the group. Responses in audio and written form are sent along the following week.  The community member then sends their feedback to the Spirit Bridge group within a couple weeks. 
  • Receive guidance, feedback, and support from Quynn for the full 12 months

Quynn’s intention is to support each participant in strengthening their ability to consult and access their personal and ancestral Spirit World for what is most needed at any one time.  The content is not offered from a cultural approach to each subject, it is each Spirit Bridge’s responsibility and privilege to journey in order to ask for, receive, and implement offered guidance. Quynn’s role is space holder, story sharer, spirit world guide and sacred mirror for your process.

The sliding scale for this training adventure is: $360-$3600, depending on your financial situation. ($30-$300 a month for 12 months) with the low end reserved for those with most limited resources. 

Extra financial flexibility available for BIPoC, low income and Queer/Gender Expansive People.  If you are already in a training with Quynn, you can join this training for what you can donate. Contact Quynn with your request to participate.

This series is a vocational development course, not offered as personal therapy, and yet, much of a Healer’s Work is personal Healing Work. 

*Equivalent training= An introductory “shamanic”/psychic/channeling practitioner course or study, so you feel confident to “journey”/tune in on someone else’s behalf.

“After spending most of my life feeling like a weirdo and being treated like one, I love this group because it shows me that us Animists are all so talented and gifted!! It’s magical to witness!! “


Also included:
-Recordings of each meeting
-Two 45 minute sessions with Quynn for each participant over the year. One in the first month,  and in the last month, to check in, adjust and deepen one’s practice 

-One year subscription to Quynn’s monthly audio soundscapes of Celestial Terrestrial Moon Journey Club  

If you have completed the Spirit Bridge Year One Program (or equivalent training) and would like to apply to participate in this Spirit Bridge 2 training, reach out to Quynn to apply.


A few responses from Community Members after listening to their messages:
I listened. I was not expecting 4 people – what a lovely surprise. I found it helpful, moving (with tears – even as I write this) , supportive. It’s a wonderful offering.
wow. thank you so so so much for that. i don’t think things have been pulled out of my brain to make so much sense for me, ever. every single word the 4 of you said resonated with me.
I listened to the recording of the journeys several times to let each one sink it, and I gave myself time in between the listenings to feel into the information and how it resonated for me. Each one was pertinent and offered helpful information.
Each share was impactful, releasing many tears.. both in validating and suggesting.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this. I truly appreciate the insight. I loved how this all flowed together, and overall this was really beautiful and helpful. It is really something to be felt in such a way.
 I send my deepest heartfelt gratitude to each one of you who journeyed on my behalf. Each journey held deep meaning for me, and was immensely helpful with my question.
You all gave me profound and precious gifts. I appreciate the kindness with which you spoke. I believe your journeys will move me light years ahead in finding ways to heal. 

Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, founder of Web of Life Animists, who began spontaneously journeying in 1996 (taught by a Dream Teacher), and has been holding space for others’ journeys since 1999. To find out more about Quynn go to www.quynn.com  

2023 This training is the intellectual property of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life church. NO REFUNDS Earth Web Media makes every effort to offer accessible training options at incredibly affordable prices. However, you need to be in charge of your end of the donation process. If you pay in full and then drop out, No Refunds. If you pay with a recurring donation, it is your responsibility to inform Earth Web Media of your stop payment date before it happens. No refunds if you forget. If you do not inform Earth Web Media that you are leaving program, it will be assumed that you are continuing to participate by listening to the class recordings, and therefore, no refunds. Thank you for your understanding.

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