Animist Poetry with Quynn


Quynn has been hearing poems in her head since she was a child.  As she quieted her mind in Nature, and she came to remember her true nature, the poems came and demanded that she write them down and record them.  Here you will find poems that have come forward to be shared.

Shamana Strong- This is a series of rhyming poems that came forth in various nature places around the west.  The character “Shamana Strong” is a spiritual seeker who is taught by Spirit World teachers.  Each poem was inspired by a particular sacred spot somewhere in the public lands system west of the Rocky Mountains. Every poem has a message about the land, and a teaching about feeling strong in one’s own mind.  Subjects include “hearing voices”, “self care” and “medicinal plants”.

Other segments were recorded for community radio or for Quynn’s various podcasts over the years.  She hopes you enjoy these few posted here,  and that they are creatively educational!

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