Sue Ellen

_P1080313 copySue Ellen is the Founder of HeARTspace- Soul Art for Mothers, and President of Earth Web Media.

Sue Ellen holds a Masters Degree with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and Counseling. She completed a three-year, post-graduate training in 2010 to earn a Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy at the Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego. She also trained in the mind-body art forms of Everyday Dancing, Soul Stories, and Performance Lab with Susan Banyas, as well as Action Theater with Ruth Zaporah, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy with Ron Kurtz, and Core Shamanism with Sandra and Michael Harner, Alida Birch, and her daughter, Quynn Red Mountain.


P1080439 copy(2)Sue Ellen is a mother of four, and a grandmother.  She has worked professionally with children and parents for thirty years as a Preschool and Elementary School Teacher, a Child Development Specialist/School Counselor, a Head Start Education Coordinator/Mental Health Consultant, and an Expressive Arts Therapist.   She is a performance artist, and caretaker (with her partner) of a quiet Nature place in Portland, Oregon.

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"Finding the Lost Spark" One Woman ShowSue Ellen’s Manifesto:

Artistic expression is the conduit of my soul.
I give my soul an outlet –
Drawing, movement, writing, drama, music.
I soften, open, let go to the flow
and let it pour out of every cell of my body into the art form.
Then I can see what my soul wants me to know,
and be in the power of dissolving the holding
that blocks me, so I can be free.


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