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Hello, I am Quynn, the ordained minister for Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church, and I am available to legally or ceremonially marry you and your True Love! Honor the elements of Nature and your connection to all that is, with an Animist ceremony:

If you have a valid marriage license from any county in Arizona, you can plan a ceremony months in advance, or elope and be married by Quynn right away. If you do not have an Arizona marriage licensehere is the info for Pima County.

I will provide  an uplifting, authentic and Earth centered energy to your ceremony and will fit in with your wedding design and color scheme.  My introduction can include aspects of Animist/Pagan traditions (calling of the directions, handfasting), to the degree you desire.

I am proud to offer my services to people of all genders, and cultures.

Quynn was an absolute joy to work with and was our first choice when considering officiants for our wedding. One of the many reasons that we chose Quynn was that we knew that she would add a colorful flare to our ceremony, and we were not disappointed.

Create your own custom ceremony!

(photo above is me happily officiating a groom-groom wedding with a “Peacock” theme, at the Tucson zoo!)

Ceremony, Commitment or Handfasting:

You both are ready to marry your True Love, and you are looking forward to hosting a beautiful ceremony.  You also have a love of Nature and the Spirit that dwells within.  A marriage ceremony  with an Animist minister will honor your love!  

I offer a consultation prior to ceremony (phone, online or in person if within 5 miles) to discuss and plan Quynn’s words, your vows and plans for the ceremony

~During the ceremony I deliver the vows and personal story you desire shared with your guests, along with anything else on which we agree

~After the ceremony I will Sign the marriage certificate
*** You need to file the certificate with the appropriate county clerk

Fee for above Services:  Sliding Scale $100-200** in Tucson

Participation in Ceremony Rehearsal:  $75 (this is an optional additional service)

**Fees assume the wedding is located within a 5 mile radius of downtown Tucson, AZ and not during rush hour. An additional fee for mileage may be added to weddings outside that geographical circle and where travel time is during rush hour. Fees are subject to change.

***Marriage certificate:  You are responsible for applying for, and paying for, your marriage certificate.  You must bring it with you to the ceremony.

Quynn helped us build our ceremony from the ground level and saw us all the way through to the end, and she augmented with her own personal touch of shamanic beauty, which is above and beyond what we could have imagined.

Definitely a huge thank you to our officiant Quynn Red Mountain for making it more than just a “go down the list and check the boxes” ceremony, she made it so much more spiritual and meaningful, at the same time it was so relaxed that everything just fell into place without rehearsal or even any solid planning. We asked her to do her thing and she did it, while also letting us do ours. We had never met before and only emailed each other but she knew exactly what we needed. This entire experience was more than anything we ever dreamed. I really can’t explain it.

Marriage Altar in the center of a Labyrinth
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