Guides of Web of Life

Web of Life is blessed to have many very talented people visit, participate, and be part of our flourishing community. Thank you to all of you that have done so. We would like to introduce you to some Animists that have helped support and expand Web of Life over the years, into what it is today… behind the scenes and in the forefront.

Quynn Red Mountain (“OOlah” ) is our founder. In her mid twenties she had a surreal experience that called her to this path, and began receiving guidance about creating what is now called Web of Life Animists. Her determination, vision, and unshakable belief propelled it forward from its early days when there was no internet, and she held circles in parks because she didn’t have a physical location to meet with folks. As the internet expanded, and then Covid arrived, now most offerings she hosts for Web of Life are online, and outside at local parks! She has affected many people in positive ways for Animism through the trainings, circles, ceremonies, sessions, videos, recordings, and words she has offered.

Jacob is our Master Labyrinth Maker. He began drawing labyrinths in 2005 and hosted his first walking labyrinth in 2006. He is a spatial genius in that he can envision in his mind what something will look like and then make that be so. He is a researcher, gardener, Moringa whisperer, delicious soup maker, and archeomythologist. He has been a guiding light throughout the entire 20 years of this adventure of Web of Life.

Sue Ellen is Quynn’s mother, president of Earth Web Media, and Web of Life Animist Minister. She is living the “dream” by caretaking a sacred nature place in Oregon in her elder years. It is Sue Ellen who suggested we shift our name to Web of Life and helped shape the Animist Minister Ordainment Program. Sue Ellen has been a consistent and multifaceted supporter of what has become Web of Life, since before the beginning. 

Dee Flowing Waters could often be found playing the flute at our labyrinths, assisting in ceremony or performances, working with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers when she is called upon, and sharing New Moon Wisdom. Dee has been a deep supporter of Web of Life for over 10 years. We are so grateful to Dee for letting us use her Vision House for our events and trainings in the years of 2014-2019. Dee flew into the Spirit World in December 2020. We will miss her greatly.

Phillip C has shared many medicine singing ceremonies with us for a decade. Phil has shared his traditions with us, along with his experiences, stories and songs that he has gleaned through his personal and tribal practices. We have been honored to be in community with him, and his knowings have deeply affected our collective path.  He has co-facilitated many healing circles and star people circles over the years.

Elisabeth Flower is our Kitchen Witch and Nature Deva. She brings her natural magic of working with children as a teacher and guide. Elisabeth began attending circles with Web of Life in the mid 2000s, and began practicing her strong Seer and Empath abilities with our community in 2008 or so. She shares Animism with families and children and she can also dive deep into Sacred Dress-Up with her costumes and regalia for ceremony. She loves to seasonally decorate our spaces to make them beautiful. She is our blessing maker for our full moon labyrinths and she is deeply appreciated.

June de Arballo participated in Quynn’s first ever Practitioner Training in 2003 and she is now an Animist Minister with Web of Life. She lived in Phoenix for many years, and now lives in Sedona where she shares her spiritual work. She has also worked to support the wise messages of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers for many years. In the early days of Web of Life (then called Institute for the Shamanic Arts) June hosted multiple workshops for Quynn to share her work in Phoenix. She drives down for various events, including our church’s 10th birthday (in 2018) and opening of our new space, where she sang a traditional birthday song for us.

All of us listed here have grown our relationship with each other and with Web of Life Animist church over time by showing up and finding ways to this community we call Web of Life. You are welcome to show up and find ways to participate too! Hopefully this list will continue to expand over time, because it takes many to create what we are creating! Thank you!!!!

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