Beside the Road-Between the Worlds-Nature Exploration Club

Join Beside the Road Between the Worlds Nature Exploration Club, included in Celestial Terrestrial Meditation and Journey Club

Once a month around the Waning Moon Quynn sends a 10-15 minute audio file to all participants (through email) with her thoughts, a guided meditation and rhythmic accompaniment that helps you see, sense and learn more about the natural element highlighted (listed below) at that moment of the yearly cycle (see elements below).

As modern, urban People, we have been trained to stop noticing “Nature” Powers that surround us. We often pass by sacred places without acknowledging their Strength, Flexibility and Beauty. We drive by amazing trees. We hurry over the roots of planted Beings. We become oblivious to all the animals around us. However, “Nature” follows you wherever you go, and this series will guide you to realize that beside the commonly traveled roads of your life are opportunities to shimmer between the mundane world and the Sacred World.

Quynn Red Mountain

The included audio journeys are offered to assist your natural connections where you live, work, travel every day. You are encouraged to share your reflections online through a private forum.

Fire (Jan)
Twilight (March)
Trees (April)
Flowers (May)
Water (June)
Sun/Sky (July)
Moon (Aug)
Plants (Sept)
Animals (Oct)
Air (Nov)
Clouds/Snow/Rain (Dec)

 Each audio segment offers a guided meditation and ideas for you to connect with the unique energy, in your own life and in your daily travels.  

These Nature Beings are important parts of the Sacred Web of Life, and building your relationship with them where you live is a vital part of becoming a Human Nature Guardian. Also, each element offers a perspective into personal and collective healing, and their teachings will be present in the awareness exercises and discussions.

Want to join? Join this premium subscription and explore Beside the Road, Between the Worlds!

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