Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church is blessed to have ordained these “Ministers” (many have their own word for their role).  

Each minister is empowered in their state (Arizona, Washington and Oregon, as well as 4 provinces in Canada) to legally officiate marriages.

Please contact each Minister or Pastoral Counselor individually regarding their services.

Quynn Red Mountain– Tucson, AZ

Founding Animist Minister (Trainer) and Pastoral Counselor of Web of Life Church

Elisabeth Black– Tucson, AZ

Empath, Teacher, Reiki Master, Animist Minister, Seer and Fairy Godmother to Children and Adults

Jacob Gardener-Tucson, AZ

Labyrinth Maker, Archeomythologist for Earth Web Media

Clay Crow- Tucson, AZ

Nature Assistant And Human Nurturer

Devra Datura-Phoenix, Arizona

Goddess Guided Nature Liaison, Metaphysical Artist

Reverend (Revv) Jim Garrett– Oracle, AZ

Regenenew Ray

Murals, Energy Practitioner, Traveling Minister

David Edward

Spiritual practitioner and Educator specializing in Ecopsychology, Jungian Psychology, and Healing. A writer and musician, David offers individual sessions designed to promote healing through nature and ancient wisdom. Read his blog and get in touch at

John Sowersby-Tucson and Benson, AZ

Flying Wolf Acupuncture and Healing

Soha Al-Jurf MA- Tucson, AZ

Voice Pathologist, Ceremonialist of the Divine Feminine

Valerie Kravette

Creativity Coach, Visionary Artist-at-Large

Matt Mask– Tucson, AZ

Matt is a Witch, Guerilla Ontologist, an ordained Animist Minister, and a Level 2 Animist Reiki healer. Additionally, he has worked mastery level magick in the areas of Mask Sorcery, Ceremonial Magick, Talismanic Magick, Tarot and Rune Divination, Seiđr, Rune Magick and Galdr, Feri Witchcraft, Necromancy, Sigilry, Goetia, Psychonautics, Shadow Work, and Guerilla Ontology. In the “muggle” world he has an academic background in literature, creative writing, theater, education, and pedagogy. His ministry is to awaken others to non-ordinary reality and the restoration of the Divine Feminine through acts of theater, art, cooperative and competitive play, and learning.

Sandy Mauck- Tucson, AZ

Elder of Earth Web Media

Bob Berg- San Carlos, Sonora MX

I am an Animist Minister, Ceremonialist, Shamanic Reiki Master. An important focus of my ministry is to help those needing healing from sexual abuse. I also want to help those who want to reconnect with nature, ancI am an Animist Minister, shamanic practicioner, Shamanic/Animist Reiki Master, Munay-ki rite giver, and a certified AAT 5 needle acupuncturist. An important focus of my ministry is to help those needing healing from sexual abuse. I also want to help those who want to reconnect with nature, ancestors and the spiritual realms. My Ministry is based in San Carlos, Sonora MX, where I am a caretaker with my partner Mari for the Santa Maria Centro de Salud y Paz (Saint Mary Center for Health and Peace). Reach out to me at or       

azrael avey nim– Tucson, AZ

i am a queer gender non-conforming witch.
i am a parent.
i am autistic/neurodivergent.
i am a community massage therapist.
i am a community folk herbalist.
i am an ordained animist minister.
i am an empath, dancer + multi media artist.
i live with chronic EBV.
i live to be in service to queer, disabled, magical + bipoc folks.
i am complex + hold many roles personally + in community.

Linda Griffith, LCSW, DCSW Tucson, AZ

Spiritually Supportive Psychotherapist

Joseph Burnett Diehl– Seattle, WA

Maria del Carmen Perez Medina- San Carlos, Sonora MX

A new awakening of spiritual consciousness that is based in Love and service to each person who wants to evolve in their personal, familiar, and spiritual path. I support the community to celebrate Animist ceremonies for different cycles of life. I also like to teach and offer personal ceremonies for healing and practice and I host sacred circles through shamanic journeys.

I am a Psychologist by profession with a private practice online. I am a meditation instructor, Bach Flower Remedies practitioner, Master Reiki and I use several techniques in Psychology to manage the energy of love for personal, family and community well-being. My first language is Spanish.

My facebook page is Marlibertad  you could find me

Debbie Barnett – Tucson, AZ

Debbie offers spiritual astrology from a yoga teacher’s view. The Human Design System for aligning your trajectory. Effective communication skills training to improve relationships. Spiritual guidance counselor because, sometimes, we just need someone to listen.  Readings:

Phillip- Tucson, AZ

Medicine Singer of Cayuse/Nez Perce Nations, Artist, Auric Healer
2 PhDs from U of A

Sue Ellen Liss MA– Scappoose, Oregon

Mother, Expressive Arts Therapist, Off the Grid Grandma

Dove Crawford– Tucson AZ

Dove Crawford is a RYT-500 yoga teacher, inspirational speaker and healing guide who is committed to serving the highest good of all beings through yoga, mindfulness, consciousness and love. Dove utilizes transcultural teachings to support those seeking to overcome physical, mental, spiritual and emotional challenges. Her unique combination of formal education, professional experiences and intensive study abroad allow her to create deeply impactful, customized resources for others.

Dove is a former first responder and veteran who has overcome terminal illness through alternative, natural and yogic methodologies and now lives to share these powerful practices with others to ease suffering and promote love, health and happiness.

Dove offers healing, growth and expansion support services and resources to individuals, groups and organizations.

June Rettinger de Arballo– Sedona, AZ

June is a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico and follows her spiritual practice from her mother’s heritage of Apache and Mexican.  She comes from a family of seers and uses her gifts as a psychic/medium and offers readings, clearings, ceremonies and blessings as well as group experiences.  June has also been a massage therapist since 1979 specializing in medium to deep tissue massage and cupping.  Over many years she has worked closely with Indigenous Elders from around the world including the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to bring their messages to our communities.  Her private practice is in a historic stone house located in the heart of Sedona Arizona.

Tamara Zenobia-Seattle, WA

Offering Sound Healing, Movement Lab, and Intuitive Readings

Desiree Gonzales-Tucson, AZ

Intuitive Healing~ Yoga 

Gisela Telis-Tucson, AZ

Flame and Bone Storyhealing, Circles, Workshops, rites of passage and deep personal sessions.

Jennifer Moore-Eastern Oregon

Acupuncture and Natural Healing

Lola Wing-Tucson, AZ

Reeve Inara-AZ and PA

Reohad McCloud-Spokane, WA

Altars of Web of Life Circles

Spirit Guardian Ministers-They who have passed into the Spirit World

Julie Helane Birns

LOVE, BE LOVE, and be the BELOVED. Passed 2/2020

Dee Owl Woman/Flowing Waters

Flying free and guiding us in this world- Passed 12/2020

Do you feel called to become an Ordained Web of Life Animist Minister? Find out more here-
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